GUI utility enabling anyone to easily create a fully customized Live CD.

I initally wrote it in Bash and Gtkdialog for Zenlive, and later re-wrote it from scratch in Python and GTK+ for Salix Live,

This point and click application considerably simplifies the creation of a fully customized Live CD, or a Live USB key, based on SalixOS. Contextual help triggered by the position of the mouse is constantly displayed. Coupled with Live Installer, such a customized Live media can become a personal mini-distro that anyone can easily deploy at family and friends, in schools, local community projects, small offices and companies, etc.

The idea is simple, after booting in a LiveCD session, one simply has to modify the running live environment to suit ones personal taste or need before executing LiveClone. All profound system or mere aesthetic modifications are included in the new live media produced by LiveClone, whether it be a wallpaper change or adding/removing programs, users, localization, etc.

What you *see* in your modified running Live session is what you get in your customized LiveCD.

A persistence option enables the customized Live USB key to record all changes and data from live sessions (same behavior as an installed standard system).

LiveClone is available in Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Protugal), Russian, Spanish (Argentina and Castilian), Swedish, Ukrainian, etc.

Distributions that use or have used LiveClone :

Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have time to properly maintain LiveClone which is now being developped by Salix OS.


Contextual help

Customized Live CD

Customized Live USB Key